Current research

We are currently developing a research project looking into the complaint systems in the adult social care and social housing sectors in Scotland and England.

The project brings together a multi-disciplinary team, including law, business, public administration and digital media. The team is composed of: Chris Gill, Carolyn Hirst, Jane Williams, Richard Simmons, and Paolo Casteltrione.

The aim of this research is to provide an evidence base for improving public service complaint systems’ capacity to deliver individual redress, organisational learning, and public accountability.

The objectives are to: (a) map complaint systems, identifying the volume/ subject of complaints, and the procedures used to deal with them (b) investigate the characteristics of complainants and non-complainants and the factors that facilitate or inhibit access to complaint systems (c) examine the use of online complaint channels (d) understand how complainants experience complaint processes (e) examine whether and how complaint systems lead to improvement and accountability, and (f) investigate the normative underpinnings of complaint systems and public perceptions of complaining.

Check back here soon for more details about this project as it develops!